If you are interested in taking part in the fell races, at many events it is possible to turn up, register, and pay the entry fee on the day which is not usually much more than £5 to £10- at most races, or as little as £2 for the Trunce!-(increasingly of late however-since the pandemic, quite a lot of events are advance entry only- check the race website or FRA website!)
The Trunce is a series of 9 -races held at Oxpring nr Penistone where points can contribute to an overall result, but you can do as many or as few as you like- Website
The Totley/Tigers series includes the follwing: Tigger Tor, Tigers Trail, Totley Moor, Blackamoor Chase and the Totley Exterminator-- Entry to the series is FREE and automatic when you enter any of the races. At least four of the five races (one of which must be the Exterminator) must be completed to get a position in the Race Series. If you don't want to do the series, you can just enter any of the events individually... for further info- Click here
The Gritstone Series is promoted by 'Accelerate' details will appear on the following Website
IMPORTANT:Please note that for all events, competitors should be prepared to carry any or all of the following:
Waterproof (with taped seams) whole body cover with hood, hat + gloves, other body cover appropriate to weather conditions (eg extra clothing), map and compass suitable for navigating the course (physical map and compass not electronic), whistle, emergency food/drink (particularly on longer races or in adverse conditions)- any other equipment specified by the race organiser (e.g. Mobile Phone/survival bag etc)
The organiser will specify what must be carried, and failure to produce the required items will mean that you won't be allowed to run.
Most of the races listed here will require nothing to be carried, however, it is always possible that you could be asked to do so, especially in bad weather and its best to be prepared and avoid disappointment.
It would be advisable to invest in a 'bum-bag'or similar to carry these items if required.
Please also check the full FRA safety rules by following the link: Here And follow the FRA link to Documents.

Please also note that in all FRA (Fell Runners Association ) races, the use of GPS devices are not to be used as a means to aid navigation (however you can use as means of recording the route) for all rules and runner requirements, visit the FRA Website and follow the FRA link to Documents.

Please note- this is my own selection of Fell, Trail and offroad events in the area local to Sheffield/Peak District, a full list of FRA Fell Races can be obtained by joining the Fell Runners Association- see link below
*So far as I am aware, these details are accurate but may be subject to change, therefore, please consult the FRA handbook/check with the organiser before travelling.

The Fell Runners Association website is a useful source of information and a good place to find any updates to race information:
The FRA Website

Events for 2023 in the Sheffield/Yorkshire/Derbyshire areas..Dates available so far...

DateEventDistance and Ascent in metresStart TimeVenue/Additional Info.Website
08th JanTrigger Marsden to Edale33km,1650m08:30Marsden Cricket Club-Pre Entry onlyWebsite
29th Jan Tigger Tor14.2km, 4900m10:00 from Norfolk Arms, Ringinglow, Sheffield-Pre Entry onlyWebsite
11th FebWinter Half Tour of Bradwell28.2km, 1060m09:00Bradwell Sports Club-advance entry or limited on the dayWebsite
26th FebHoppits Hill5km, 210m11:30Lower Hopton Cricket Club, Woodbottom,Mirfield, W.Yorks, WF14 8HGWebsite
05th MarIan Roberts Memorial10.3km, 260m11:00Marsden Cricket Club, Marsden
19th MarWolf's Pit9km, 450m11:00Shatton nr Bamford, Hope Valley-Pre-entry recommendedWebsite
11th MarGrindleford Gallop21 miles,3000ft10:00Grindleford PRE-ENTRY ONLY- see Website. Website
25th MarChicken Run13.4km,433m11:00Hayfield Primary School, Hayfield nr GlossopWebsite
26th MarLad's Leap (Alan Kirk Memorial)9.5km, 518m11:00Crowden Campsite nr Woodhead off A628No Website
26th MarEdale Skyline (Don Morrison Memorial)34km, 1373m10:30Edale Village Hall-ADVANCE ENTRY ONLY! Website
27th Mar Trunce 16.4km,170m 6:45from Oxpring Playing fields, Oxpring nr Penistone (part of 9 race series)Website
16th AprWirksworth Incline6.9km, 400m11:00Ravenstor Rd, Wirksworth nr MatlockWebsite
17th Apr Trunce 26.4km,170m6:45from Oxpring Playing fields, Oxpring nr Penistone (part of 9 race series)Website
19th AprHerod Farm4.8km, 340m7:30Jubilee House, Turnlee Rd, Glossop. 10 mins jog to start. Website
23rd AprKinder Downfall15.4km,600m11:30Hayfield Scout Hut(PRE-ENTRY ONLY) Website
26th Apr Tigers Trail8.75km, 207m6:30 from Sheffield Tigers Rugby Club, Hathersage Rd, Sheffield -2nd counter in Totley/Tigers series for further details see the Website.. Website
08th May Trunce 36.4km,170m6:45from Oxpring Playing fields, Oxpring nr Penistone (part of 9 race series)Website
09th MayBurbage Skyline CANCELLED7km, 189mXX:XXEVENT CANCELLED FOR 2023 Fox House Inn, Hathersage Rd, Sheffield PRE-ENTRY ONLY VIA WEBSITEWebsite
19th MayHayfield May Queen4.7km, 200m7:30Hayfield Scout HutWebsite
20th MayMount Famine8km, 564m11:00Hayfield Scout Hut -*note start is 1km from the scout hut. Pre-entry at fabian4.co.uk from 1st March Website
21st MayLantern Pike Dash2km, 200m11:00Lantern Pike Inn, Little Hayfield Website
21st MayShutlingsloe3km, 270m2:45Crag Hall, Wildboarclough, SK11 0BD Website
21st MayYoulgraves Pommie Panter9.3km, 267m11:00Alport Lane Playing Fields, Youlgrave DE45 1WN Website
22nd May Trunce 46.4km,170m6:45from Oxpring Playing fields, Oxpring nr Penistone (part of 9 race series)Website
23rd May Totley Moor10.5km, 440m7:30 from Cricket Inn, Totley, off A621, Sheffield - counter in Totley/Tigers series for further details see Website Website
29th MayBamford Sheepdog Trials7.2km, 305m1:00Bamford Recreation Ground Website
30th MayHallam Chase3.25 miles, 800' 8:00Hallamshire Cricket Ground,Advance entry recommended-Website,entryform
12th Jun Trunce 56.4km,170m6:45from Oxpring Playing fields, Oxpring nr Penistone (part of 9 race series)Website
14th JunOughtibridge Chase3.75 miles7:30Coronation Park, Oughtibridge, Sheffield-Website
15th JunGrindleford7.9km, 220m7:30Grindleford Website
20th JunTrev Milner Riber Run6.8km, 305m7:30Lea Green, Matlock, DE4 5GJNo Website
21st JunThe DCRO Dash8.5km, 385m7:30Speedwell Cavern, Castleton Website
23rd JunTideswell7.1km, 260m7:30Tideswell Picnic area Website
24th JunJames Blakeley5km, 180m3:30Harden Moss Sheepdog Trials,Greenfield Rd, Holmfirth, HD9 3XF Website
24th JunWhaley Waltz9.3km, 274m1:10Whaley Bridge Bowling Club 43 Buxton Road, SK23 7HX Website
25th JunBakewell Pudding10.2km, 240m11:00Bakewell Recreation GroundWebsite
25th JunKinder Trog25km, 900m11:00Hayfield Scout Hut, Hayfield nr Glossop Website
28th JunHope Wakes9.5km, 458m7:30Hope Sportsfield, Castleton Rd,Hope Valley Website
29th JunWinster6.5km, 177m7:30Main St, Winster, DE4 2DG Website
30th JunWeaver Hills3.6km, 201m7:30Daltons Dairy, Shawcroft Farm, Wooton, Ashbourne, DE6 2GW Website
02nd JulGreat Hucklow10.1km, 335m11:00Great Hucklow Primary School Website
03rd Jul Trunce 66.4km,170m6:45from Oxpring Playing fields, Oxpring nr Penistone (part of 9 race series)Website
08th JulThurlstone Chase6.4km, 244m2:00Gala Field, Thurlstone nr Penistone GR 226036 Website
10th JulPeak Forest9.7km, 247m11:15Peak Forest, Buxton (register at Reading Room, Park on Recreation Ground SK17 8EG)No website
12th JulBlack Rocks9km, 250m7:30Matlock Rugby Club, Cromford Meadows, Matlock Website
20th JulSheldon6.4km, 162m7:30Sheldon nr Bakewell Website
20th Jul Blackamoor Chase6.7km, 252m7:30 from Cricket Inn, Totley, off A621, Sheffield - counter in Totley/Tigers series for further details see Website Website
23rd JulHolme Moss28.5km, 1315m11:00Cartworth Moor Cricket Club nr Holmfirth, HD9 2TU Website
24th Jul Trunce 76.4km,170m6:45from Oxpring Playing fields, Oxpring nr Penistone (part of 9 race series)Website
27th JulStoney Middleton8.5km, 200m7:30Stoney Middleton Playing Field Website
02nd AugCracken Edge11.3km, 442m7:30Kinder M.Rescue HQ, behind George Hotel, Hayfield,SK22 2JE Website
04th AugSalt Cellar10.9km, 486m7:00Fairholmes Car park, Derwent Valley (off Snake Pass)Website
08th AugBradwell7.9km, 409m1:00Bradwell, Hope Valley. Pre-enter via Here Website
09th AugEccles Pike3.4km, 305m7:30 Bugsworth War Memorial Club, Buxworth, SK23 7NEWebsite
10th AugDenis Stitt Memorial6km, 370m7:15Cartworth Moor Cricket Club nr Holmfirth Website
10th AugRicky's Race7.3km, 240m7:00Square and Compass, Darley Bridge. Website
11th AugHob Hursts8km, 256m7:00Dukes Barn, Beeley, DE4 2NU Website
14th Aug Trunce 86.4km,170m6:45from Oxpring Playing fields, Oxpring nr Penistone (part of 9 race series)Website
29th AugEyam Fell Race9.9km, 460m6:30Eyam Sports Pavillion, Hawkhill Rd Website
01st SepGreat Longstone Chase7.7km, 290m6:30Great Longstone Recreation Ground *PRE-ENTRY ONLY via SIentries NO EOD Website
02nd SepLongshaw Sheepdog Trials8.6km, 320m10:30Longshaw Lodge nr Fox House * PRE ENTRY Website
03rd Sep Totley Exterminator25.7km,1290m10:30 from Totley Pavillion,Cricket Inn, Totley, off A621, Sheffield -final counter in Totley/Tigers series for further details see Website.. Website
04th Sep Trunce 96.4km,170m6:45from Oxpring Playing fields, Oxpring nr Penistone (part of 9 race series)Website
09th Sep9 Edges Endurance32.8km, 893m10:00Fairholmes, Ladybower- ADVANCE ENTRY ONLY from April 14th (Edale MRT fundraiser event) Website
10th SepBleaklow Blitz12.9km, 452m9:00Torside Car Park- GR SK06869834Website
16th SepGroovy Kinder Love24.5km, 1290m11:00Scout Hut, Hayfield SK22 2HB Website
24th SepWirksworth Undulator (Stuart Learmouth Memorial.)13.5km, 284m11:00Stoney Wood up from the Lime Kiln pub, DE4 4FR on Cromford Road in Wirksworth Website
01st OctDovedale Dash cross country race4.75 miles11:00Thorpe VillageWebsite
07th OctCurbar Commotion16km, 415m10:00Curbar Primary School, Curbar, S32 3XAWebsite
08th OctChelmorton Chase8.05km, 305m11:30Primitive Hall, Main St, Chelmorton, SK17 9SHWebsite
22nd OctWindgather (Andrew Heywood Memorial.)21.7km, 762m11:00Burbage Institute, Bishops Lane, Buxton Website
05th NovCop Hill10km, 274m10:30Meltham Sports & Community Centre nr Holmfirth, HD9 5QT Website
12th NovRoaches24.1km, 1128m10:30Meerbrook nr Leek (parking at Tittesworth Reservoir-15 mins walk away) Website
25th NovBaslow Bolt12km, 400m10:00St Annes Church, 1 Church St, Baslow DE45 1RY Website
Races that I haven't managed to find dates for yet (if they are going ahead)
xxth JunPassing Clouds15.7km, 565m11:00Tittesworth Reservoir nr Leek Website
xx JulBollington Nostalgia11.4km, 372m11:00Bridgend Centre 104 Palmerston St Bollington SK10 5PW Website
xx JulThe Dore Dozen12km, 390m11:00Old Dore School Savage Lane S17 3GW (600m from the start at Dore Recreation Ground) Website
xx OctGobigmoor21km, 540m10:00Holmesfield Village Hall, Vicarage Cross, Holmesfield, Dronfield S18 7WZWebsite
xx NovLeg-It Round Lathkil11.5km, 290m11:30Lathkil Hotel,Over-Haddon nr Bakewell (Children in Need fundraising event) Website
??th AprHartcliff Hill4km,150m7:30Langsett Barn, LangsettWebsite
??JanLamb's Longer Leg3.1 miles, 950'10:30Lamb Inn, Hayfield/Chinley Rd- ADVANCE ENTRY ONLY!Website
?? FebDoctors Gate20.5km,860m11:00Queens Arms, 1 Shepley St, Glossop SK13 7RZWebsite
?? Mar Hope Winter9.5km, 451m11:00From Hope Sports field, Hope valley (reverse route of Summer race) Website
??MarJames' Thorn8km, 491m11:00Royal Oak, Sheffield Rd, Glossop (registration/parking at Glossop Golf Club, SK17 3PU)No Website
TBC JunCalver Peak8km, 275m7:30Derwentwater Arms, Calver Village Website
??MayCressbrook Crawl10.5km, 350m2:30Cressbrook (parking at Cressbrook Mill, 15 mins walk to registration)-limit=200 runners-PRE-ENTRY via www.fabian4.co.uk Website
?? MayShining Tor10km, 311m7:15Errwood Sailing Club, Goyt Valley-GR 017756 on White Pk Map Website
??MayWest Nab9.5km, 500m3:15Carlile Institute,Huddersfield Rd, Meltham, HD9 4AE Website
?? JunCastleton10.8km, 458m7:30Castleton Playing Fields, Hope ValleyNo Website
??JunAccelerate Edale Race7.6km, 402m11:00Edale Village Hall Website
??JunTansley Hills9.1km, 360mfrom 6:40 - 7:15Tansley Primary School,Tansley, Matlock Website
??JunChrome Hill6.4km, 213m2:00Hollinsclough Academy, Hollinsclough nr Buxton SK17 0RH Website
??JulWarslow Beer Festival10km, 600m2:00Warslow Village Hall, Cheedle Rd, Warslow, Buxton, SK17 OJJ ADVANCE ENTRY ONLY VIA: HERE Website
??JulHathersage Gala7.2km, 325m7:30Hathersage School Field Website
??JulCharlesworth & Chisworth Carnival5.1km, 180m2:30Charlesworth Recreation Ground, Grid Ref: 004925Website
??JulBamford Carnival7.25km, 305m7:30Bamford Recreation Ground Website
?? JulOxpring Hunshelf Amble11.3km,396m18:45Wagon&Horses Pub, Oxpring Website
??JulUp the Nab6.4km, 365m11:00Glossop Rugby Club,Hargate Hill La,Charlesworth Website
?? AugCrowden Horseshoe12.9km, 518m11:00Crowden Campsite nr Woodhead off A628No Website
??AugPilsley9.8km, 245m7:00Devonshire Arms, Pilsley-park at farm shop Website
?? SepTour of Bradwell25km, 970m9:30Bradwell Sports Pavillion-advance entry Here or limited on the day Website
?? SepShelf Moor (John Hewitt Memorial)9.1km, 457m11:00Scout Hut, Old Glossop- 15 mins walk to start. Website
?? SepPadfield Plum Fair Scamper8.8km, 320m11:00Padfield Recreation Ground nr Hadfield (nr Glossop) Grid Ref: SK031962 Website
?? SepFat Boys Stanage Struggle9.9km, 355m11:00Hathersage Primary School Website
?? SepUtterley Butterley8km, 260m2:00Marsden Cricket Club, Mount Rd, Marsden HD7 6NNWebsite
?? DecGravy Pud (Bill Fox Memorial)8km, 305m11:00Bulls Head, Tintwistle Website
?? DecLitton Xmas Cracker12.2km, 360m11:00Litton Village Hall *No entry on the day allowed-see website for infoWebsite
?? DecTotley Two Turtle Doves7.75 km 250m11:00Totley AC Pavillion nr Cricket Inn, TotleyWebsite
?? DecWormstones6.4km, 411m11:00The Beehive, Hague St, Glossop Grid Ref: 037933No Website
??Ambles Revenge7.5 Miles10:30Wagon & Horses, Oxpring nr Penistone- Advance entry recommended-see website Website
??Shittern Santa Saunter8 km 350m11:00Howard Town Brewery, Glossop SK13 7SS Glossop MRT fundraising eventNo Website
??Grin N Bear It25.5km,758m10:30Langsett Barn (start and finish) Langsett, S36 4GY (Woodhead MRT fundraising event)Website
??Kinder Trial18km, 650m10:00 to 11:00Hayfield Scout Hut ADVANCE ENTRY ONLY Website